The central idea of SDO is quite simple:

  • Many organizations are setting out becoming agile, but a lot of them run into trouble.
  • And many more know they should become more agile - but they are looking for a safe path towards agility.
  • This is what SDO is trying to accomplish. A safe way, evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

The central assumptions are:

  • If you want to approach self-organization / agility etc., make small steps.
  • For each step towards self-organization our systems need one step towards development of people and culture.

Our SDO Map tries to tell you a story about the safe path - here until you get to a place we call "Selfmanagement".

SDO e map 190225


The concept behind the map is a matrix: The columns describe steps towards self-organization, the rows describe increasing development.
The assumptions:

  • If we want our organisation to survive and prosper in the future we need to move away from micromanagement (the most left column) to the right.
  • If we want to make a step towards more agility we better make a step towards development first, otherwise we might end up with people feeling overwhelmed and dangerous conflicts.
  • The green arrows symbolize the idealized safe path. The SDO Model offers tested tools for each step.

Download the playbook to learn more about the tools for each step.